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There are four types of tiles, each requiring different kinds of care according to their characteristics and cleaning specifications:

1.  Man-Made Ceramic or Porcelain:
  Follow a similar pattern per tile or across 4 tiles and are hard high-fired in nature. Italian Quarry Tile (hard red) are found in most
commercial kitchens, bakeries, and meat processing facilities and require the same cleaning methods.

2. Satillo / Mexican Tiles:
 Come in many grades of hardness, quality, and shape, and are extremely porous. Evenwith a glaze-fired or heavily sealed service it can be easily chipped and show traffic wear over time.

3. Vinyl Tile: 
 Typically are vinyl bodied with a clear acrylic top layer showing some texture, usually installed using a mastic or peel-n-stick adhesive.

4. Natural Stones:
  Have endless varieties of colors and textures, with no two tiles alike and are "soft" in nature, porous, and can be easily scratched and
appear dull over time. 

These include:

  * Sandstone 

  *  Limestone 
  *  Travertine 
  *  Marble 
  *  Slate
  *  Granite


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